Starting Character

What is a character?
A character is a person that you play at a LARP Entertainment event. You take on the persona of another person and often another race. In time in, you must act as your character, viewing other characters as your character would and taking actions as your character would. The best way to learn about how your character would react is to read the race history’s and build up a good image in your mind of your characters ideals and views of the game world.

Playing a character can be an exciting way of trying something different. You can explore new aspects of your own character that you don’t feel you can be in public or simply be something total different to help you escape from the stress and strains of modern life.

Where to start?
The first thing you need to do when picking a character is to think about what you want to play. These will normal mean what race you want to play or if you wish to be a good guy or bad guy. Read the game world history and the race history and then make a decision. Once you know what race you want to be you can decide how you want to play that character and then decide what skills you want to start with.

Starting skills
Each new character has 20 points to spend on there starting character. With these points you can decide what skills you want your character to have. Most actions that you take for granted like reading, writing, counting, swinging a sword, etc… will need a skill for your character to be able to do them in game. There are also other skills like magic that you can buy for your character so that you can play someone who can cast spells at others or do other feats that you could not do in the real world.

Start playing
Once you have paid for your ticket and turned up at the event you can start playing your new character. Get into costume, pick up your weapons (if you use them) and head for the in game area for time in. Once there you can start playing the game by following the rules and seeing what happens as the event unfolds.