On the world of Tamrad, magic plays an important part of the day to day lives of many people. The many races of the world use magic to travel, cure inquires, craft items, wage war’s and anything else that there imaginations can conceive.

There are 3 kinds of magic within the world of Tamrad, Mage Magic, Divine Magic and Ritual Magic. These magic’s all draw there power from different areas and so they all have different, affects, strengths and risks.

Magic can perform great feats within Tamrad but the knowledge of these magic’s does not come easily and is not given freely to all. Magic must be learnt over time and the supply of Mage Magic and Faith Magic knowledge is heavily controlled by there respective collages. A starting person with Mage or Divine magic might start out weak but they can grow to become very powerful.

The third path of magic is the ritual path. This path of magic holds the most risk’s but can reap the greatest rewards. By performing elaborate rituals in places of power around the world a team of ritual’s can craft anything that they can imagine. However, dealing with such power magic’s can be very dangers.